Our focus at Kenmere is to strengthen the genetics’ of all our females by using extensive AI campaigns.

Kenmere focuses on high growth with good muscling and thickness of the body. Many of our bulls are the product of AI or embryo campaigns. Individual Sires are selected to provide the treats for good commercial breeding. Sires are selected with the aim to produce moderate framed thick-bodied bulls with great muscle.

Working Sires at Kenmere Charolais 2021/2022

Kenmere Maximus MCS M19E (used extensively over heifers for his low weight weight) DNA Homozygous Poll
Kenmere Freelunch MCS Q219E DNA Homozygous Poll
Kenmere Doc Silver MCS Q107E DNA Homozygous Poll
Kenmere Blackjack MCS R114E DNA Homozygous Poll
Kenmere Firewater MCS R2E DNA Homozygous Poll
Kenmere Lawrence Redford MCS R240E DNA Homozygous Poll
Kenmere Real Lawrence MCS R238E DNA Homozygous Poll
Kenmere Montesuma MCS R267E
Palgrove Quantity PK Q18553E DNA Homozygous Poll
Palgrove Ravinne PK R736E DNA Homozygous Poll

IMPORTED AI SIRES with exclusive rights to Kenmere 2021/2022

LT Badge OAUQ7067E
WC In the Zone OAUP7619E


Fargo OAUG9088e Lt Nationwide OAUP2440
Firewater OAUA4588e Kenmere Nuclear Energy MCS N112E
Montesuma OACC3106E Kenmere Grand Master MCS G6E
Silverstream Padra OANQ7E

Kenmere Sire’s with semen retained

Kenmere Chock MCS N20e Kenmere Prime Mover MCS P58e
Kenmere Syngery’s Man MCS M40E Kenmere Herichio MCS H103E
Kenmere Chock MCS E12E