At Kenmere, a great deal of importance is placed on the value of our female herd.

It is our belief that strong traits in bulls must come from the females having a wide range of strong traits/good length and depth/width of pins and strong milking characteristics.

Foundational Females

Kenmere Kristina 111 (ET) (AI) MCS M18E Kenmere Que Sera KNC Q18E
Kenmere Perlina MCS P78E Kenmere Tant Mieux KNCT42E
Kenmere Tourmaline KNC T48E Kenmere Tres Bonne KNCT49E
Kenmere Nicola MCS N56E Kenmere Navarro
Kenmere Tinkerbelle KNC T60E

Current Lines

Kenmere Calamity Kenmere Radiance Kenmere Michelle
Kenmere Ping Kenmere Tourmaline Kenmere Blissful
Kenmere Kristina Kenmere Que Sera Kenmere Primrose
Kenmere Tinkerbelle Kenmere Navarro
Kenmere Tant Mieux Kenmere Nicola

Donor Cows

Kenmere Kristina MCSE16E – Flushed to LT Badge Nov 20
Kenmere Ping MCSE20E – Flushed to LT Badge Nov 20
KARINA INVESTMENTS PRIMROSE 2 (IDENT: GPKA4E) – Flushed to LT Long Distance (2017) and Kenmere Garrison (2018)
KENMERE CALAMITY C56E – Flushed to NWMSU Doc Silver and PCC Sudden Impact (both in 2018)
KENMERE TINKERBELLE E48E – Flushed to Kenmere Herichio H103E (2018)
KENMERE TOURMALINE C9E – Flushed to Kenmere Herichio H103E (2018)
KENMERE DIAMOND SPUR D8E – Flushed to Kenmere Chock E12E and PCC Sudden Impact (both in 2018)
QUICKSILVER BREE (IDENT: 1QSB7E) – Flushed to Kenmere Chock E12E

The genetics’ of the donor cows mixed with the imported semen from Lt Ranch has provided us with the new foundation to begin our Kenmere cattle numbers once again. The original old foundation females were mixed with Lt Blue Grass and Lt Easy Blend.

Originally the objective was to produce small numbers of high quality progeny. Over the years many Ai sires have been used in within the herd continuing the trend to improvements within the female herd. During 2020 a trip to America to buy semen to once again focus on high qualities within our Ai programmes. We have focused on good milking characteristics/ good frame for the breed / carving ease and low birth weights for those looking for particular traits within the herds. This year a focus on poll cattle with homozygous sires used over all females.

These sires chosen from particular traits within the hers. Careful selection for EMA/Rib and Rump along with strong IMF. Growth figures important keeping birth weights maintained at all times, Breedplan 5 star ratings with individual joinings for each female. Kenmere is one of only two breeders with a full 5 star rating. This rating is obtained by consistently weighing all cattle at birth/ 200/ 400 and 600 day weights. Scanning is carried out at the end of each year and then again at the time of sale for the bulls. Over the years our numbers have grown substantially to where in the 2022 year we will calve down over 350 cows and calves. Our heifer size over 120 each year allowing us to pick the best of our herd to continue each year and sell commercially deregistered stud females. Over the years we have produced high standard vealers from the commercial females of Charolais/ black baldy cattle.

This year a decision was made to concentrate on the charolias females to produce high standards in our bull and heifer production. Bulls that do not make the cut will be steered and sold as stud steers. Both properties will run stud females. bulls are raised at Moorak and most heifers maintained at Ellambar.